Remote and Online Learning Resources

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As instruction at HIL Project schools shifts to remote, online, or hybrid learning models, the HIL Team has pulled together a set of resources to support school leaders in implementing the High Impact Leadership Principles for School Renewal:

  1. Positive Core: Mission & vision focused, growth mindset, appreciative lens, strenghts-based
  2. Evidence-Based Decisions: Collaborative inquiry, performance profiling, progress monitoring, leading & lagging indicators
  3. Collective Ownership: Distributed leadership, shared responsibility, social trust, interdependence.
  4. Organizational Learning: Reflective practice, double loop questioning, systems thinking & alignment, levels of learning.

Resources for teaching and learning

Click the bars below to open drop-down menus of resources and tools that will help you implement HIL Project's four HIL Principles for School Renewal—no matter where teaching and learning takes place!  

Principle 1: Positive Core 


Tips for Principals Shifting Their Schools to Distance Learning

Description: This Edutopia School Leadership article describes how, as teachers grapple with teaching remotely while schools are closed, principals can support their staff, students, and school communities in critical ways.

Thriving in Trying Times: Emphasize Bright Spots and See Strengths in New Ways

Description: This post from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business suggests steps to weathering through this storm together and emerging stronger and more resilient by being in touch with reality and bringing broadened awareness into our actions.

Principle 2: Evidence-Based Decisions


Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators (FAME) online learning webinars (look for links in the blue box, "Supporting Online Teaching") 

Description: FAME offers two webinar series designed to support Michigan educators in using the formative assessment process during online teaching and learning. 

Virtual Data Collection and Progress Monitoring

Description: This guidance from the Georgia Department of Education offers guidance to educators and administrators around the need to rethink how they collect and analyze progress monitoring data in a virtual learning environment.

Principle 3: Collective Ownership


The Challenges of Reopening

Description: Part of Harvard Graduate school of Education's "Usable Knowledge" series, relevant research for today's educators. 

Edutopia: Online Learning 

Description: Whether exploring entirely virtual classrooms and schools or ways to expand learning beyond the walls of your building, the resources are out there. Cyberspace is the place!

Principle 4: Organizational Learning


Return2School Roadmap (Ottawa ISD)

Description: This downloadable, infographic-style roadmap is intended to provide guidance and resources to K-12 districts and schools as they plan for returning to school. 

GELN Asynchronous Professional Learning Maps (last update 9/7/2020)

Description: These maps are specifically designed to support schools and districts for the 2020-21 school year - as we reinvent ourselves during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Each map serves as a lesson plan for professional learning, and can be adapted for use with large groups (district or school teams), small groups (grade level teams or subject-area teams), or individual educators.  They can also be adjusted for virtual or face-to-face environments. 

Responding, Recovering, Reinventing: Three Jobs that Matter for School Communities Navigating a COVID World

This article by Transcend examines the consequential decisions school communities will face over the coming weeks and months—decisions that will reverberate for decades. It offers a perspective to help the field collectively forge solutions in the interests
of expanding opportunity for ALL young people to thrive.

Literacy Essentials


Literacy Essentials Remote Learning Resources

Description: Tools that are ready to use for teachers, administrators and coaches as they focus on research-supported instructional techniques in a remote setting.

Explicit Instruction Online Series

Description: Applying the Principles of Explicit Instruction to ONLINE Teaching of Strategies, Concepts, and Vocabulary Terms.



At-Home Learning (Kalamazoo RESA) 

Description: At home resources for families, teachers, career & technical education, and unique learners.

10 Questions for Equity Advocates to Ask About Distance Learning

Description: This downloadable guide from The Education Trust examines the real risk that school closures will deepen these existing inequities in our education system.

Classroom Practice


The Distance Learning Playbook Grades K-12

Description: This book by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and John Hattie promises advice for "Teaching for Engagement and Impact in Any Setting"

Step By Step Learning®

Description: Step By Step Learning® integrates ALL educators as stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, reading and math specialists, etc. - creating a team-based, all-hands on solution for helping students.

How to Teach Reading With a Digital Mindset: Researcher Nell Duke's Advice 

Description: Educators need new tools to keep reading instruction consistent and new philosophies for engaging students in remote learning environments.

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