"Building on the work previously funded by three school leadership grants and two Wallace Foundation grants, this project will continue to develop and validate the renewal model, as opposed to the reform model, for school improvement." – Dr. Jianping Shen

    The school renewal model and strategic levers for high-integrity and high-fidelity implementation provided by the WMU researchers have shown real results for schools.

    Our goal for participants of the HIL Project is to help schools:

  • achieve strong implementation of the RNN and GELN Literacy strategies;
  • show significant improvement in student reading performance; and
  • cultivate the leadership to implement research-based school renewal strategies with integrity for the specific school context and fidelity for the essential elements of that strategy.

In a nutshell, we will use this grant to help achieve the Reading Now Network vision: high functioning schools that empower all children as competent and motivated readers.

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HIL Project Logic Model