The High Impact Leadership for School Renewal (HIL Project supports each participating school through three means:

  1. The Implementation Facilitator and on-site support 
  2. Leadership Summits for the Principal and Teacher Leaders 
  3. Monetary Support

The Project’s goal is to develop high impact school leadership for school renewal with a focus on implementing the GELN Literacy Essentials in RNN elementary schools.

  • Supporting 75 schools in the implementation of the GELN Literacy Essentials
    (potential for 75 more schools in years 4 and 5)
  • Applying 7 Dimensions of School Renewal and 7 High Impact Implementation Levers.
  • Placing school renewal and implementation (facilitation) coaches in every project school
  • Developing a diverse and well-trained pool of teacher leaders who can help lead school renewal initiatives and, maybe, become future principals
  • Fostering high-integrity and high-fidelity implementation and sustainability for research based school renewal initiatives
  • Applying key leadership practices to school renewal and implementation processes (e.g. instructional rounds, evidence-based decisions, contextually appropriate implementation, performance assessment and feedback, capacity building, and multiple sources of influence).

The HIL Project is funded by a three-year U.S. Department of Education grant award for $12.5, awarded to Western Michigan University (WMU), in collaboration with the Reading Now Network (RNN) and the MAISA General Education Leadership Network (GELN). 

In early 2018, Guido A. and Elizabeth H. Binda Foundation, awarded the Ottawa Area ISD a $240,000 grant to support classroom libraries and reading areas in all HIL Project Cohort A schools in Calhoun County.