HIL Team

The HIL Project draws on the talents and energy of a committed group of professionals who support the principals and teacher leaders in 150 school buildings.

Our approach to complex change is one that inspires positive energy in the people engaged in the critical work of achieving literacy for all. It is grounded in school mission, appreciative of the current state of a school, and laser focused on the desired state we want to achieve. It is strengths-based and generates hope and aspirations for improved outcomes. Most of all, it is powered by a growth mindset among all participants.

WMU Management Team

The WMU management team, led by co-directors Dr. Patricia Reeves and Dr. Jianping Shen, oversees all elements of the Project’s budget, research, and activities. They establish and maintain relationships with the Project’s funders, partner organizations and  staff. They continually engage with all elements of the Project and monitor for grant compliance and continuous improvement in our activities.

Coordinator Team

HIL Project Coordinators work with the WMU Management Team to prepare and support HIL Implementation Facilitators for each school. They design, develop, and deliver training for the Implementation Facilitators and provide follow-up supervision. Coordinators also assist the WMU Management Team in planning and delivering the HIL Project principal and teacher leader Summits.

Implementation Facilitator Team

Our Implementation Facilitators play a significant role in achieving Project goals and outcomes. As the direct supporters for HIL Project School Leadership Teams (SLTs), Facilitators convey the HIL Project implementation strategies, tools, and resources to help schools achieve high integrity and fidelity implementation of a research-supported literacy program. They provide feedback to the WMU Management and Coordinating Teams to ensure that the Project responds to the needs of participating schools as they become evident. Finally, Facilitators are the ambassadors who help the HIL Project schools connect with HIL Project managers, coordinators, and partners (GELN Literacy Task Force, Reading Now Network, and the ISDs/ESAs that serve HIL Project schools).

Participating schools, ISDs and ESAs

The HIL Project supports 150 schools across West and Southwest Michigan. Schools are from high-poverty districts that have committed to the work of the Reading Now Network—a group of comprises a group of West Michigan school superintendents determined to improve student literacy by working together to build a school leadership model around the practices they observed in high-performing schools. The project started in 2017 with 75 schools (Cohort A) and brought on board 75 additional schools (Cohort B) in January 2020.

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