Project Partners

The HIL Project is fueled by the collective ownership of generous and committed partners.

We partner with nearly 20 intermediate school districts (ISDs) or educational service agencies (ESDs). We engage dozens of school district superintendents and collaborate with partners that include professional associations, the Michigan Department of Education, business and community groups, and nonprofits.

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Reading Now Network

Western Michigan University

The HIL Project School Renewal model is built on the educational leadership work of two researchers from Western Michigan University—Dr. Patricia Reeves and Dr. Jianping Shen—who together have overseen five successful leadership grants, including two from the Wallace Foundation. “This project will continue to develop and validate the renewal model, as opposed to reform model, for school improvement,” Shen said.

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MAISA General Education Leadership Network (GELN)

HIL Project early literacy work is grounded in the Essential School-Wide and Center-Wide Practices in Literacy identified by Michigan’s Early Literacy Task Force—a sub-committee of the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MAISA) General Education Leadership Network (GELN) representing Michigan’s 56 intermediate school districts. Membership includes representatives from GELN, Michigan Department of Education, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning, and more. 

“The path to raising student achievement is not a direct line from funding to outcome. High levels of student achievement will result only when core instructional practices are defined and educator and system supports are in place to contribute to literacy success for every student.” – A Leader’s Guide to a Theory of Action for Raising Michigan’s Early Literacy Achievement”

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Reading Now Network 

The HIL project school leadership work also has roots in an initiative by our key leadership partner, the Reading Now Network. The RNN comprises a group of West Michigan school superintendents determined to improve student reading levels by working together to build a school leadership model around the practices they observed in high-performing schools. 

“Education leaders throughout West Michigan understand the importance of developing talent that is career ready and college capable. While there are a variety of metrics that help gauge success, no milestone may be more indicative of students’ future achievement than their early reading proficiency.” – Reading Now Network

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