HIL Leadership Principles

We build motivation and capacity among school leaders and their staff through the use of implementation strategies within four powerful High Impact Leadership Principles. 

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 Principle 1: Positive Core

Mission & Vision Focused
  • Focus attention on the "why" and link it to school mission and vision.
Growth Mindset
  • Adopt a growth mindset; imagine what can be!
Appreciative Lens
  • Adopt a growth mindset; imagine what can be!
  • Profile current strengths to build upon for achieving desired state.

Principle 2: Collective Ownership

Distributed Leadership
  • Distribute leadership across key stakeholders
Shared Responsibility
  • Share responsibility among key players who know their roles and responsibilities and the vital behaviors to carry them out.
Social Trust
  • Create social trust, where people can safely explore, grow, and adapt. 
  • Foster interdependence through regular activities to co-create, co-investigate, and co-develop.

Principle 3: Evidence-Based Decisions

Collaborative Inquiry
  • Investigate current student, staff, and school strengths and growth edges.
Performance Profiling
  • Identify priority growth targets and set priorities for student, staff, and school.
Progress Monitoring
  • Monitor progress in real time. Identify measures and benchmarks for student, staff, and school priority growth targets.
Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • Attend to leading and lagging indicators. Combine annual, interim, and real-time measures.

Principle 4: Organizational Learning

Reflective Practice
  • Reflect together; engage weekly and monthly to analyze benchmarking data and reflect on progress toward desired state.
Double Loop Questioning
  • Question deeply; raise new questions to guide growth, adaptations, and further learning.
Systems Thinking & Alignment
  • Align capacity, resources, process, roles, and responsibilities to support progress toward desired state.
Levels of Learning
  • Learn, adapt, and evolve. Support adult learning and protect a safe learning environment for adults and students alike.

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