Grand Rapids Southeast Promise Neighborhood (GRSEPN) Project

Ensuring strong starts and promising futures, in school and the community. 

In 2022, Western Michigan University and the High Impact Leadership for School Renewal team joined a school/community/university partnership funded by a $29.5M US Department of Education Promise Neighborhoods grant. The GRSEPN project is delivering a pipeline of initiatives designed to address critical areas of opportunity and to achieve key success indicators in:

  • Early Childhood Development: developmental screening, language & motor development, quality 3 & 4 year old preschool programs, parent education
  • Family & Community Engagement/Support: navigation systems, healthy nutrition, substance abuse prevention, school engagement
  • Learning Readiness: social-emotional learning & development, resilience & persistence, attendance & engagement, trauma response, safety & well-being
  • Academic Success: K-12 literacy, K-12 Math (including 8th grade algebra), teacher/leader development & shared ownership, aligned systems, processes & resources, successful school transitions, extended day learning opportunities, summer learning opportunities and math, successful school transitions, high school completion
  • College & Career Readiness: career explorations, college & workplace competencies, college & certificate program enrollments, degree & certificate completion, job placement

Along with our community partners and stakeholders, we implement a coordinated and aligned system of evidence-based strategies to provide students with a high quality, equity-producing, birth-to-career educational experience. From 2022-2026, we will work with our evaluation partners to measure the impact and efficacy of our work to achieve two key outcomes:

  1. Growth and equity in student learning opportunity and outcomes 
  2. Increased parent and family supports

Teams conducted School Renewal Rounds in all 13 GRSEPN schools in March 2023! Learn more about School Renewal Rounds here.

GRSEPN kicked off with an Appreciative Summit for all grant stakeholders in August 2022! 

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GRSEPN Partners

Internal and External Stakeholders
  • School leaders
  • School staff
  • Students and their families
  • Grand Rapids Community and others
US Department of Education (USED)
  • Technical Support for Needs Assessment
  • Leadership Development Series
  • Scorecard training and Results Based Accountability (RBA)
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GRSEPN Participating Schools

We serve 13 GRPS schools in the Grand Rapids Southeast Promise Neighborhood: 

  • Ottawa Hills High School
  • Grand Rapids University Preparatory Academy
  • Alger Middle School
  • Brookside Elementary 
  • Campus Elementary 
  • Congress Elementary 
  • Dickinson Academy 
  • Gerald R. Ford Academic Center 
  • Ken-O-Sha Park Elementary 
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy 
  • Mulick Park Elementary 
  • Ridgemoor Park Montessori 
  • Sherwood Park Global Studies Academy 

GRSEPN Success Indicators

We know that all the adults in children's lives have a huge impact on children's opportunities to learn and grow. The GRSEPN project will equip these caring adults (parents, teachers, community supporters) to improve outcomes for children from cradle to career. We've identified success indicators and measures that will populate a GRSEPN Dashboard for Implementation Progress and Outcomes. 

Promise Neighborhood Federally Required Success Indicators:
  1. Students enter kindergarten ready to learn and with requisite skills for success
  2. Students are proficient in core academic subjects (emphasis on ELA and Math)
  3. Students successfully transition from elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to post-secondary
  4. Youth graduate from high school
  5. High school graduates obtain a post-secondary degree, certification or credential
  6. Students are healthy
  7. Students feel safe on the way to and during time in school 
  8. Students live in stable communities
  9. Families and community members support learning in Promise Neighborhood Schools
  10. Students have access to 21st century learning tools
GRSEPN Program Success Indicators
  1. Growth and equity in student learning opportunity and outcomes
  2. Increased parent and family supports
  3. Growth in school renewal leadership practices
  4. Degree of implementation integrity and fidelity of pipeline initiatives
  5. Growth in evidence-based classroom practices (classroom management, instruction, and assessment) in alignment with GRSEPN student characteristics
Other Success Indicators
  • Based on specifics of pipeline initiatives 

GRSEPN Key Contacts

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