Teaching children to read is no easy task
A two-part primer shows why

“IN THE UNITED STATES, we aim to be a society in which everyone can read and understand text at a college-entry level or above. We consider schools that are not on track to achieve this goal to be failing their students. It is an admirable goal but an ambitious one. No diverse society has ever achieved it...."

"...Reading at a college-entry level is a virtuoso performance. Even reading on level by third grade requires a constellation of successes—from mastering the mysterious sound-spelling patterns of English to the painstaking accumulation of vocabulary and knowledge. A single verb, to read, seems inadequate. Achieving this noble goal— effortless reading, and love of reading, for all—is one of the great social undertakings of our time.”

The text above is taken from a 2-part Learning to Read Primer by the Center for Early Reading that explains in plain English why helping all children learn to read is such a complex task. It also introduces a glimpse into the vast collection of research that informs the work of the High Impact Leadership (HIL) Project partners.

The Primer reinforces the passion and urgency with which HIL Project participants approach their work of leadership for learning. We invite you to click the images below to read the Primer. Then explore HIL's resources, and find out how you can join the cause.

Cover image of Primer part 1
Cover image of Part 2