What's new at the HIL Project?

Asynchronous Summit for Principals and Teacher Leaders

We're excited to be hosting a month-long "build-you-own" Summit featuring five, pre-recorded 30-minute learning segments to support the various stages and leadership principles of the HIL School Renewal Model. Schools will use one or more of these video Learning Segments  to support a custom Summit experience that fits their needs at this time.

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What is the HIL Project all about?

We're changing the way school leaders and teachers think, talk, and act to ensure all students learn.

“HIL has become the umbrella of our school improvement efforts, with every component fitting into strengthening literacy and instruction in general.”

–HIL Project school leader

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  • every child deserves the best possible start in literacy and learning.


  • to ensure all children are confident readers by the end of elementary school
  • to support all elementary schools in consistent use of high-impact strategies and practices


  • the GELN Literacy Essentials with
  • research-based high impact leadership principles, practices, and process for school renewal  

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"Our mission is to tackle the objective of literacy success.…It's a celebration to help build professionals."

"'We’re in this together.’
There’s nothing more inspiriting than hearing that kind of energy coming from a classroom teacher. We know that’s where the difference is made. What we really think is happening? [The HIL Project] is restoring hope."

Partnership is the key to our success!

Featured Partner:

Walkerville School, a HIL Project school in Oceana County, received a $5,000 grant from the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries to support classroom libraries.

Thank you! 

Teaching children to
read is no easy task
A two-part primer shows why:

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